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Amanda Whittington

Who is Selah?

Selah is a modern vocal trio comprised of the harmonious voices of Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Alan Hall. Their musical career has spanned two amazing decades, with more than four million units in music sales, not to mention eight Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and eight No. 1 singles. Selah is best known for their top singles such as “You Raise Me Up,” “Wonderful, Merciful Savior,” and “You Amaze Us.”  They’ve played in local churches, Carnegie Hall, and even the Grand Ole Opry stage. They’ve toured with other classic artists such as Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Casting Crowns. Selah has a passion for ministry and a deep love for the local church. 

What is the story behind Firm Foundation? 

Selah (otherwise known as Todd Smith, Amy Perry, and Allan Hall) released Firm Foundation on November 1, 2019. This new album is a rebirth and renewal of everything we love about Selah – the unmistakable harmonies, impeccable musicianship, and their commitment to the local church and the Word of God: “While we still sound the same, and while our hearts are still the same – we still desire to sing truth,” Amy Perry explains. Firm Foundation, which is deeply rooted in Scripture and Truth, consists of 11 musically diverse songs, all centered around a common theme, found in the title track. “Firm Foundation” resonates with our need to be rooted in Christ, as we see in the lyrics to the refrain: I will not be moved for my feet are planted in you/ A firm foundation/ My solid rock/ You can’t be shaken/ You won’t be stopped.  

Todd Smith explains more fully, “We are in a culture – kind of like in the days of Noah – where we’re living our own truth, doing what’s right in our own eyes and yet, there’s such a hunger from people to know that there is absolute truth. There is this firm foundation in scripture. There’s this firm foundation in who Jesus is.” 

What styles of music are found on this album? 

The various styles in Firm Foundation are representative of the artists who bring their own life stories to the table. Allan’s Americana folk roots from East Tennessee can be heard in “My Soul Be Satisfied” and “Always Gonna Be.”  Todd’s gospel background seeps through in the title track, “Firm Foundation,” which features a gospel backup choir. Amy has a long history drenched in church worship, which can be felt in the modern hymn, “Yet Not I, But Through Christ in Me.” This brightly mastered album focuses less on adhering to a specific style and more on the shining light of Selah’s masterful vocals and powerful message of being rooted in Christ. 

What is significant about the opening song, “Let the Saints Sing?” 

“Let the Saints Sing” is the first song co-written by all three members of Selah, alongside of Michael Farren and Tony Wood. Not only does this song open up the album, it will open up their concerts, as well, calling everyone in attendance to sing about “who He is.”

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