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Phil Wickham’s Heaven Song

Phil Wickham’s Heaven Song

Phil Wickham

By Alexandra Fromm

Tonight, I had the opportunity to attend Bethel Music’s Victory Tour with special guest Phil Wickham. It was an appointment with memory and destiny.

Six years ago, my Uncle Chuck left Earth for Heaven. Some of you may know him as Pastor Chuck Smith, who was at ground zero of the Jesus Movement, part of recent Church History. But to me he was a kind and ordinary man, part of our family, simply following the extraordinary things God put on his heart to do and encouraging me and others to do the same. It was hard, because just one year before, my Grandma, Virginia Fromm, who happened to be Chuck’s older sister had preceded him to heaven. To me she meant so much in so many ways. She taught me to love others, how to make friends with strangers, and to have steadfast faith because “Jesus Never Fails.” Losing both of these people who had profoundly impacted my life felt like too much at once— it was all too quick. When I heard “Heaven Song” at my Uncle Chuck’s memorial years ago, it was a beautiful reminder that the best is yet to come. Hearing it again last night stirred up gratitude for those who give us the words to sing and words that heal and transform. Thank you, Phil for a song that helped me turn sorrow into a joyful reminder that Jesus declared victory over death.

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