The Transformative Power of Hip-Hop Worship: An Interview with Steven Malcolm

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In a recent interview, Christian hip-hop artist Steven Malcolm shared his insights on the unique role hip-hop can play in worship and how it has profoundly shaped his own faith journey. Malcolm’s candid responses shed light on his perspective that worship is not confined to traditional forms but can be expressed through diverse genres, including hip-hop.

Breaking the Box: Hip-Hop as Worship

Steven Malcolm Feels To Be FreeMalcolm began by addressing a common question: Can hip-hop be considered worship music? His response was unequivocal. “Yes, hip-hop absolutely can be considered worship music. If not, then you’re putting God in a box,” he asserted. He drew on Romans 12:1 to emphasize his point: “Therefore, brothers and sisters, I urge you, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. For this is your spiritual act of worship.”

Malcolm’s personal testimony underscores this belief. Coming from a background of fatherlessness and hardship, he has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of using his life and body to glorify God through hip-hop. He has seen his music impact and change lives, proving that hip-hop can indeed serve as a powerful vehicle for worship.

Living the Scriptures

A significant part of Malcolm’s message centers on living according to the scriptures and genuinely walking with Christ. He distinguishes between a regular Christian and a true Christ follower, particularly within the music industry. “Faith is the foundation,” he said, stressing the importance of alignment between one’s actions and faith. For Malcolm, being authentic and “walking what you’re talking” is crucial. This authenticity allows everything to flow naturally from the heart.

The Importance of Strong Leadership

Malcolm also spoke about the necessity of strong, uncompromising leadership within the Christian community. He advocates for leaders who are unwavering in their commitment to prayer, scripture, and integrity. “Having leaders that will continuously not compromise lead,” he explained, helps ensure that the community remains steadfast in its identity and avoids moral failures that could lead to negative exposures, such as those seen in some high-profile documentaries.

Creativity in Scripture Interpretation

One of the unique blessings Malcolm finds in being a rapper is the ability to interpret scripture creatively. He enjoys using metaphors and drawing parallels to scripture, much like the parables found in the Bible. This creative interpretation allows him to convey biblical truths in a way that resonates with his audience and brings the scriptures to life in contemporary contexts.

God’s Transformative Power

Reflecting on his own life, Malcolm shared powerful testimonies of how God has transformed him from a young man without direction to a devoted husband and father. “God took nothing and turned it into something,” he said, highlighting his journey from having no role models to becoming a faithful husband and father. His three-year-old son, already showing promise in basketball, stands as a testament to this transformation.

Malcolm’s experiences also include moments of doubt and skepticism from traditional church settings. Despite this, he remains steadfast in his mission, pointing his heart towards the Father and using his life as a testament to God’s glory. His story is a vivid example of how God can use anyone and anything for His glory and in worship.

Steven Malcolm’s interview is a powerful reminder of the expansive nature of worship. His journey illustrates that worship can transcend traditional boundaries and that hip-hop, with its creative and expressive nature, can be a profound form of worship. His life and music serve as an inspiration, showing how God can transform lives and use them to impact others.

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