The Heartbeat of Worship: An Exclusive Interview with Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

We are bringing you an exclusive backstage interview with none other than Chris Tomlin, the beloved worship leader, songwriter, and artist. With a storied career spanning decades, Chris has touched countless lives with his music. Today, we delve into his current world tour, the vision behind it, and the stories that make his journey extraordinary.

A Long-Awaited Return to the World Stage

Chris Tomlin’s passion for worship is palpable as he shares his excitement about the ongoing world tour. This marks his first extensive global journey since the Passion World Tour in 2008, which took him to 18 countries. “I’ve been overseas a couple times for things, but not just going out and doing night after night after night,” he says, clearly energized by the prospect of connecting with diverse audiences once again.

While this year’s tour includes stops in Europe and Canada, Chris hints at more international dates in 2025. His eyes light up when he talks about visiting places that rarely see Christian concerts, such as Hungary and Düsseldorf. “I love being in places where it’s not every day that there’s a Christian concert. You see the hunger in the people and the beauty of realizing they’re not alone in their faith,” he explains. For Chris, these moments are precious, as they remind him of the universal longing to worship God.

The Impact of “Holy Forever”

Our conversation naturally gravitates towards “Holy Forever,” a song Chris recently finished before our last meeting. Reflecting on its journey over the past two years, Chris marvels at its reception. “It’s been played in churches and stadiums all over the globe,” he notes with a sense of awe. This song, which focuses on the greatness of God, resonates deeply with audiences, taking worship to “another level.”

Holy Forever Chris Tomlin

Chris attributes the song’s power to its emphasis on the eternal nature of worship. “It seems to take the focus off of ourselves and onto the greatness of God,” he says. The word “holy” is particularly special to him, as it signifies something completely set apart and unique to God. Singing “Holy Forever” allows worshippers to experience a piece of heaven, bringing them into God’s presence in a profound way.

Stories of Faith and Transformation

One of the most touching moments in our interview comes when Chris shares a story about meeting a pastor from Syria. This pastor, who had never heard of Christian music, had only one song on his phone: Chris’s “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies).” This song had become his daily anthem of faith amidst unimaginable challenges. Chris recalls,

“He looks at me and says, ‘I know who goes before me. I know who stands behind. The God of angel armies is always by my side.’”

The encounter left Chris deeply moved. “It’s a divine connection,” he says, emphasizing the profound privilege of being part of someone’s spiritual journey. These stories of transformation remind us that worship music transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, uniting believers worldwide in a shared expression of faith.

The Role of Family in Ministry

On a lighter note, Chris shares how his daughters influence his tours. “Whoever my daughters love, that’s who comes on tour,” he laughs. Their current favorites, the band CAIN, have become a fixture in his performances. This personal touch highlights the importance of family in Chris’s ministry, grounding him amidst the demands of his career.

A Singular Prayer for Every Concert

When asked about his prayer process before each concert, Chris reveals his consistent prayer for the audience: that they would have an encounter with God. “The joy of the Lord fills up this arena or this church,” he says, believing that worship is about remembering God’s goodness, grace, and mercy. For Chris, each night of worship is a chance for people to experience the eternal nature of singing to a living God, a responsibility he holds with deep reverence.

As we conclude our conversation, it is clear that Chris Tomlin’s heart beats for worship. His music, stories, and the lives he touches all point to a greater purpose: glorifying God and uniting His people in song. For those who haven’t yet experienced his “Holy Forever” tour, I encourage you to do so. It is more than a concert; it is an encounter with the divine.

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