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Hope Darst – Focus on the Gold in People

Hope Darst – Focus on the Gold in People

Hope Darst
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“In anything you lead by example and how you lead will determine how others lead.”

In this Worship Sound Bite, Hope Darst talks us through her relationship with her Lead Pastor. This sentiment established how Hope’s team is supported by their leader and how it’s created a healthy environment focused on each individuals heart.

As a worship leader at The Belonging Co. Hope sits under Henry and Alex Seeley. Inspired by the great leadership she’s experienced she feels called to serve the Seeley’s by collaborating on the churches vision. So many Worship Leaders look to the Pastor for that vision, but the successful collaboration between all of the leaders at The Belonging Co. has created a thriving environment where the “gold in people” is pulled out and cultivated.

What have you learned from working alongside your leadership team at your church? Comment below.

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