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An Interview with CAIN at the Holy Forever World Tour

An Interview with CAIN at the Holy Forever World Tour

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  • One of the interview's highlights was the discussion on balancing family life with their demanding tour schedule. Logan, now a father of two, spoke about the challenges and joys of bringing their children on the road.

Joshua Swanson, the Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, found himself backstage at the Chris Tomlin Holy Forever World Tour, talking to the talented family band, CAIN. The band had just finished an intense day, shooting a new music video amidst the chilly waters of Cannon Beach, Oregon. What followed was a candid conversation that revealed the heart, humor, and dedication behind their music and ministry.

Embracing the Elements for Art

The interview began with an amusing recount of their recent music video shoot. Madison, Logan, and Taylor, the three siblings who make up CAIN, described braving the 45-degree weather and equally cold Pacific waters to capture the perfect “Northwest Beach vibe.” Despite the discomfort, the band’s commitment to their vision was unwavering. Madison, the creative force behind their projects, has been directing and producing their videos since 2012. Her dedication to perfection even led her to request specific technical settings from their professional director, ensuring every detail aligned with her artistic vision.

From Humble Beginnings to the Tomlin Tour

Reflecting on their journey, the band shared their awe and gratitude for being part of Chris Tomlin’s world tour. Taylor expressed a sense of surrealism and joy, noting how significant Tomlin’s music has been in inspiring their own path in worship music. The band’s gratitude extends beyond their professional achievements; they cherish the personal connections they make with fellow believers they meet along the way, whether it’s a hotel shuttle driver or fans at their concerts.

Balancing Family and Ministry

One of the interview’s highlights was the discussion on balancing family life with their demanding tour schedule. Logan, now a father of two, spoke about the challenges and joys of bringing their children on the road. The presence of their families brings a sense of completeness and peace, allowing them to fully commit to their performances without the nagging feeling of leaving their primary calling behind. This balance is crucial for their mental and spiritual well-being, ensuring they remain grounded and connected to their core values.

Staying True to Their Mission

As the conversation shifted to their ministry’s evolution, the band acknowledged the complexities of managing larger audiences and more significant venues. Madison highlighted the importance of maintaining a personal touch, ensuring they continue to minister effectively even in more expansive settings. Their mission remains clear: to touch hearts and spread God’s love through their music. The band’s approach involves regular reflection and prayer, seeking God’s guidance in every decision to stay aligned with their calling.

The Great Commission in Action

CAIN’s recent song, “The Commission,” encapsulates their dedication to living out the Great Commission. The song serves as a call to action, urging listeners to share the Gospel and live out their faith. The band shared stories of how their music has comforted and inspired people in their most challenging moments, highlighting the song’s impact on those grieving or facing hardships. Their encounter with an Uber driver, who played their music and opened up about her struggles, exemplifies their belief in the power of music to connect and heal.

CAIN "The Commission"

A Legacy of Faith and Family

The interview concluded with a heartfelt discussion on legacy. CAIN’s upbringing in a supportive, faith-filled family has profoundly influenced their approach to life and ministry. They emphasized the importance of prioritizing family and spiritual integrity over financial or professional success. This commitment is reflected in their desire to ensure their children experience the same love and presence they enjoyed growing up.

Looking Forward with Faith

As CAIN prepares for their next tour with Zach Williams, they ask for prayers for clarity and wisdom in their decision-making processes. They strive to create music that resonates with their audience and glorifies God, resisting the pressure to conform to market trends. Their journey is a testament to the power of faith, family, and unwavering dedication to their mission.

A Closing Blessing

In closing, CAIN’s story is a powerful reminder of the beauty and challenges of balancing family, faith, and ministry. Their transparency, humor, and heartfelt dedication serve as an inspiration to all who seek to follow their calling while staying true to their values.

May their music continue to touch hearts and bring glory to God, and may we all find the strength to pursue our callings with the same passion and integrity. God bless.

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