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Introducing the NEW Worship Leader Institute

Introducing the NEW Worship Leader Institute

Editorial Team

We are so excited to finally share with you all what we’ve been working on, the Worship Leader Institute! We finished 2021 with an amazing conference and decided it was time to take a break from the National Worship Leader Conference in order to really focus on launching the Worship Leader Institute (WLI).

In 2019, my dad (Dr. Chuck Fromm, founder of Worship Leader Magazine) and I began praying about what an online version of the National Worship Leader Conference could look like. A platform that could be big enough for everyone. A place where you could learn from leading practitioners and educators. A gathering of the community that didn’t keep people out of it because of the price.

– Lexi Fromm, President of WL

Dr. Chuck Fromm, founder of Worship Leader Magazine | Man and Daughter Smiling and Posing

The Worship Leader Institute (WLI) is taking the training that you’ve known and loved from our National Worship Leader Conference and going bigger. We’re not only making the training available year round, we’re also introducing more classes every month, monthly small-group meetings with your peers, and monthly transformative coaching from an experienced ministry leader.


The classes on the Worship Leader Institute are a mixture of both new and rediscovered ones from conferences we think you might’ve missed. The four categories of our classes are:

  1. Media & Production
  2. Leadership & Pastoral Growth
  3. Musicianship
  4. Worship, Culture, & Theology

Checkout this snippet from Charity Gayle and Ryan Kennedy’s class on Writing Song for Your Church.

You can watch this full class and checkout other classes that are live as well as ones that are coming soon by visiting this URL –


One of the things we’ve always loved about the National Worship Leader Conference is the COMMUNITY.

Worship Leader Institute One on One Coaching | Group Having a Discussion

We wanted to find a way to bring this to life in a more accessible way – so we decided to launch our small-groups.

You can learn more about our new small-groups by going to our site.


Imagine if every time someone walked into your sanctuary, your worship led people into an encounter with God?

– Joe Horness, WLI Program Director

We are excited to be able to offer one on one coaching with worship leaders and pastors who have served in their local church for at least 5+ years consecutively. These are the folks that we believe will help you transform your worship and lead people to an encounter with God.

You can learn more about this new one on one coaching program and more by visiting the site.


We have more exciting announcements coming that we cannot wait to share. Until then we hope you can leave a comment below and share with us what classes you hope to see or even a fun memory from the National Worship Leader Conference.

It is very easy to join the institute and workshops, communities and coaching are readily accessible.

PS: We took a break from the National Worship Leader Conference – we didn’t cancel it 😉 

Special thank you to Robb Redman and Jason Harris.

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