Iveth Luna: “Right on Time” – Embracing God’s Perfect Timing in Worship and Song

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  • Iveth Luna’s story is one of patience, trust, and divine timing. Years ago, she received a promise from God during her college years—a vision so vivid and compelling that she began to construct her own plans around it.

Greetings to our cherished readers of Worship Leader Magazine. I am delighted to share an insightful and heartwarming conversation with the talented worship leader and artist, Iveth Luna. Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Iveth, and our discussion was filled with inspiring anecdotes and profound reflections on faith, music, and ministry.

The Journey of Faith and Music

Iveth Luna’s story is one of patience, trust, and divine timing. Years ago, she received a promise from God during her college years—a vision so vivid and compelling that she began to construct her own plans around it. However, as she candidly shared, “It really did not happen that way.” Iveth, like many of us, had to learn that God’s timing often diverges from our own expectations.

Reflecting on her journey, Iveth said,

“Ten years later, I am walking in this promise. I am writing music for His people and getting to sing these songs and getting to tour and do all these amazing things for His glory.”

This path, marked by waiting and growth, inspired her song “Right On Time,” a celebration of God’s perfect timing and a reminder of His faithfulness during seasons of waiting.

Right On Time Iveth Luna

Growing Up in a Faith-Filled Home

Iveth’s faith was nurtured in a deeply Christian environment. Her grandfather, a pastor and missionary, along with her father and uncles, who were part of the worship team, created a family atmosphere where worship and ministry were central. “For us to be at church every single Sunday, not miss a Sunday, and gather around my grandma and grandpa’s house and us sing worship songs together… was so normal to me,” Iveth* reminisced.

This upbringing profoundly influenced her musical career and faith journey. Stories of her grandfather’s faith and miracles became “big stones” in her life, anchoring her during challenging times. This foundation of faith and the experience of corporate worship with her family are integral to her identity as a worship leader.

Overcoming Challenges Through Worship

Iveth’s journey has not been without its trials. In 2018, she faced a significant battle with depression after a major rejection from American Idol. “I thought, God, I thought this was the way,” she recalled. This period of struggle led her to wrestle with God, ultimately bringing her closer to Him. “I sought God. And He answered me,” she said, describing a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit during a worship service that lifted the chains of depression and hopelessness.

These personal experiences of healing and restoration through worship have shaped Iveth’s ministry. Her music carries the authenticity of someone who has walked through the fire and found God’s faithfulness on the other side.

Bilingual Ministry: Bridging Cultures

Iveth’s Latin heritage plays a crucial role in her music. She has released a Spanish version of “Right On Time,” titled “A Tiempo.” Growing up in a bilingual home and leading worship in a Spanish-speaking church, Iveth feels called to minister in both languages. “I think if God is giving you a gift, use it,” she emphasized. Her goal is to share the message of God’s faithfulness with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Creating music in two languages involves unique challenges, such as ensuring the poetic and rhythmic integrity of translations. Yet, Iveth embraces this task with passion, recognizing the importance of reaching diverse congregations. She dreams of a ministry that seamlessly integrates both cultural expressions, inspired by artists like Kari Jobe, who has successfully bridged the gap between English and Spanish worship music.

The Power of Worship and Testimony

In her travels and performances, Iveth witnesses the transformative power of worship. “It’s like an army awakening,” she described, noting how worship brings the church to life and reminds believers of God’s faithfulness. Hearing testimonies from those who have been touched by her music encourages Iveth to continue her ministry with renewed fervor.

Looking Ahead: Dreams and Prayers

As Iveth looks to the future, her hopes and dreams center on fully embracing God’s call on her life. She desires to share Jesus’ love through both direct and subtle expressions in her music, reaching people across different languages and cultures. Her recent release, “One of a Kind,” underscores this mission, celebrating our unique creation and God’s intentionality in our lives.

Iveth Luna’s journey is a testament to the beauty of God’s perfect timing and the power of worship. As she continues to minister through her music, we at Worship Leader Magazine stand with her in prayer, supporting her mission to glorify God and inspire His people.

Stay tuned for Iveth’s latest releases and join us in celebrating the incredible work God is doing through her ministry. Until next time, may your worship be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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