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Jason Clayborn & Stephen McWhirter – The Church As A Bridge

Jason Clayborn & Stephen McWhirter – The Church As A Bridge

Joshua Swanson

The Breonna Taylor situation was tragic and identified so many problems in our world that need healing and reconciliation. According to Stephen McWhirter and Jason Clayborn who appear in this Worship Sound Bite, it brought about a lot of important conversations as well since it challenged those all different Churches to be willing to come together, worship together, and really listen to one another. 


Stephen McWhirter is a touring worship leader, producer, speaker, and author whose powerful testimony of divine deliverance from addiction is the cornerstone of his ministry platform. A founding member of the former worship collective Iron Bell Music, he is also a songwriter with Essential Music Publishing/Sony PLG and a Lula Street (Integrity Music) recording artist.


Tyscot recording artist Jason Clayborn is a GRAMMY® and Stellar Award nominee and former member of the renowned hip-hop/gospel group The Righteous Riders. He has toured around the world with numerous artists, including iconic worship leader Dr. Ron Kenoly. Clayborn and his choir, The Atmosphere Changers, were nominated for four 2022 Stellar Awards, including Male Artist of the Year and Praise & Worship Song of the Year.

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I believe that there’s a lot of, you know, Breonna Taylor situation that happened really sparked a lot of reconciliation and people wondering, you know, what’s going on and conversations that are starting to happen and really a conversations of really listening instead of just somebody talking and you saying, okay, yeah. And then you go on with your life. There is a no I really care and I want to know what’s happening in your life because I feel like once you can understand what’s happening in my life, then it’s easier for us to come together and worship together

If you really appreciate what side of the track I came from, and this is how I was raised and this is what happened with me, which is a result of why this is like it is. And I think that that’s one big thing that’s happening in the worship kingdom and in our- in our city. Yeah. You know, and in the church right now, we’re- we’re very good at putting together a service and we’re very good at putting together an event and or a time, which is not that we shouldn’t care about that,

It’s not that we shouldn’t work on that. But I think a big part of what the church is, biblically speaking, is the broad scale as well, and that is being able to empathize with other cultures, being able to find a way to understand and reach out to each other.

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