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In our continual journey to unearth the treasures of worship music that resonate with the soul’s deepest cries and highest praises, we encounter “Boxes,” a poignant new anthem by the venerable Kim Walker-Smith. After a reflective hiatus of three years, Walker-Smith gifts us with this stirring piece, heralding her return to the music scene and the advent of her upcoming album, “Under The Big Sky,” set to grace our summer with its presence.

A Personal Testament to Freedom

Boxes” is not merely a song; it is a testimony, a declaration of Walker-Smith’s personal journey over these past few years. It’s a narrative woven with threads of vulnerability, courage, and divine encounter. Walker-Smith shares her experience of stepping beyond the confines of comfort and expectation, venturing into the vastness of God’s call. The song is a mirror reflecting the struggle of balancing human desires to please and the divine invitation to trust wholly in the Almighty.

An Anthem for the Unbound Worshipper

In her characteristic spirit-led fervor, Walker-Smith crafts “Boxes” as a clarion call to break free from the limitations we impose upon ourselves or acquiesce to from others. It’s a powerful reminder that our God is uncontainable, unboxable, and perpetually creative in making ways where paths seem non-existent.

Musicality that Mirrors the Message

The musicality of “Boxes” aligns seamlessly with its message. The arrangement is thoughtful, with dynamics that ebb and flow like the tides of the sea, mirroring the journey from confinement to liberation. Walker-Smith’s vocals, as ever, are a beacon of passionate worship, guiding the listener through each verse and chorus with both intensity and intimacy.

A Prelude to a Worshipful Summer

As Kim Walker-Smith prepares to share more of her heart and artistry with “Under The Big Sky,” and as she sets forth to lead worship across the globe, “Boxes” stands as a testament to her enduring commitment to lead worshippers beyond the familiar and into the boundless presence of God.

“Boxes” is more than a song; it is a journey, an invitation, and a prophetic declaration over the lives of its listeners. May it inspire us to step out of our own boxes and into the freedom and trust that comes from wholehearted reliance on our loving God.

A New Season for Kim Walker-Smith

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