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Lee Park Worship Releases “Faithful Still”: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modern Worship

Lee Park Worship Releases “Faithful Still”: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modern Worship

Lee Park Worship
New Music from Lee Park Worship

Lee Park Worship has unveiled their latest album, Faithful Still, now available on all streaming platforms. This unique collection of songs bridges the gap between modern worship sounds and the cherished roots of traditional church music. Produced by notable names such as Jason Kyle Saetveit (Selah, TrueSong), Travis Cottrell, Bradley Knight (Collingsworth Family), and Johnathan Crumpton, this album promises to unite believers regardless of denomination, showcasing Lee Park Worship’s commitment to blending diverse backgrounds, generations, and musical influences.

Shane Dunlap, lead worship pastor of Lee Park Church, eloquently captures the essence of the album: “With Faithful Still, we wanted to show God’s unwavering faithfulness, His supreme sovereignty, His goodness, and the boundless love He has for us all. The hope is that this album will bring peace to those struggling and offer a beacon of light that only God can provide.”

A Beacon of Hope and Faith

Crafted to inspire faith, bring hope, and ignite the hearts of worshippers, Faithful Still includes powerful tracks like “Reign Above It All,” “How Great Grace Is,” and “I’ve Got Joy.” These songs aim to uplift and encourage listeners in their spiritual journey. Tracks such as “Not Guilty” and “Digging Up Graves” delve deeply into themes of redemption and renewal, offering a powerful message of God’s grace and transformative love.

Notably, “Goodness and Mercy,” featuring Todd Smith of Selah and Shane Dunlap, and the soul-stirring “Why Wouldn’t I Run” (feat. Karlie Russell), set the stage for the album’s impact with their releases on March 1st and March 29th respectively.

“Reign Above It All”

Rick Shelton, Vice President of Daywind Publishing, underscores the album’s mission:

“The mission of Vital Records is to illuminate the divine work of God within His people as they worship with songs He gives, led by servants He calls. We are blessed to partner with Lee Park Worship in the release of Faithful Still, an album that resounds with declarations of His unwavering love, boundless grace, and steadfast faithfulness. As each note rises, it echoes the truth: He alone is worthy of our worship.”

About Lee Park Worship

Lee Park Worship is a collective that brings together a variety of backgrounds, generations, and musical influences to sing praises to the Lord. They skillfully blend modern worship sounds with the traditional roots of the church, creating a unique and inclusive worship experience. This fusion of the familiar and the new broadens the scope of corporate worship, making it accessible and enriching for all.

A Call to Worship

Faithful Still stands as a testament to God’s faithfulness and love. Each track is designed to draw listeners closer to God, providing a soundtrack for personal reflection and corporate worship. As Lee Park Worship continues to innovate and inspire, this album is a reminder of the power of music to unite and uplift the body of Christ.

Discover Faithful Still on your preferred streaming platform today and let the music of Lee Park Worship enrich your worship experience, bringing you closer to the heart of God. Listen HERE.

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“Why Wouldn’t I Run”

“Goodness and Mercy”

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