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Let’s Talk Christmas Pageants

Let’s Talk Christmas Pageants

Joshua Swanson
  • We asked this question because so many great Christmas memories come out of these moments when we encourage our church communities to participate in traditions like a Christmas pageant.

Patrick Mayberry has, “thankfully”, never been in a Christmas pageant. Jordan St. Cyr found his calling during a Christmas concert at his church. Evan Craft has a photo of himself in a onesie attending his Christmas church service. (We need to see that.) From across the pond, Darlene Zschech, gave a definitive “nope” to the question of “Do you do Christmas Pageants?”. Justin Warren even admitted that his SISTER was baby Jesus…we’ll let that comment just sit…don’t act like you never did that in your Christmas pageant…

We asked this question because so many great Christmas memories come out of these moments when we encourage our church communities to participate in traditions like a Christmas pageant. The local church is alive and Jesus works through the traditions we all take for granted. So, this holiday season, get up and sing a Christmas carol while dressed like a shepherd.

Do you have a story about a fun Christmas pageant or a holiday concert that changed your life? Comment below!

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I think I was a donkey or a sheep at one point. Probably shepherd four. We do musicals. We had these terrible costumes and terrible props. They’re never well-planned. Oh. Thankfully, no. I showed up- I showed up in a pink onesie as a joke. And it was a- you’re supposed to show up in- in like, pajamas.

And so my friend’s sister had one that I fit in. So I just like, I just- I have the picture, too, I should send- I should send- I have the picture of me in this onesie. And my uncle was the pastor and he was furious.

Oh, yeah. I hated them. My mom made me. And I hated singing, I hated being in front of people. But she would drag me up there and make me do it. And now it’s funny, because now I’m on stage- this is what I do for a living, I’m in front of people. It’s like God has a sense of humor.

But I absolutely despised it as a kid. I can safely say no. I’ve heard a lot of stories, though, about friends who have. But hey, I’m open. I’m open. If somebody wants to call, I’m available. What role would you play?

I’d probably play Ebenezer Scrooge.

I don’t have any crazy memories. I just remember thinking if one thing goes wrong, this whole thing is going down. Like, fully- you never feel fully prepared for a Christmas pageant. You’re always like, if this button doesn’t work, this whole stage is gonna fall.

When I was younger, we did- I would have done the Nativity. Probably Shepherd four, or like- You were a shepherd? Or sheep three. Yes. Do you guys do Christmas pageants in Australian churches? Nope. Not a thing? No animals on stage, the donkeys. No, no. None of that? No. We do try.

We do try. Yeah. No, we’ve- we do a lot of Chris- we do musicals.

Did you ever play Baby Jesus? No, but my little sister did, which is weird. But you know you couldn’t really tell if it was a girl or boy from where-

from where we were.

Oh, yes. Okay. I’m trying to remember. I was a part of a Christmas pageant. It was the first time that I ever sang publicly. I sang this song called Joseph’s Song. And my parents, they tell this story, right?

Because they weren’t attending this church. I was- I went to this church because my friends went there. And so they tell the story. They kind of snuck in near like, right when it started. They sat in the back because they knew I was singing and they’re like- they wanted to be there to support.

But they say it funnily, like if I was terrible, they were just going to take off. I don’t think I was great, but I was good enough to say hey, you know, you should keep at this. And so, yeah, I sang for the first time.

It was a Christmas production at our church. I think, you know, at the end of the day, that’s where it really started it all. Like just that- you sing publicly, you gain affirmation that maybe you should keep doing this.

And- and I kept doing it.

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