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A Tribute to Viggo Sogaard

A Tribute to Viggo Sogaard

Chuck Fromm
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Today I received notice that another longtime friend and mentor has passed into heaven. Viggo Sogaard.

In Viggo’s life on earth he coincidentally served the Billy Graham movements of evangelism. Viggo taught communications at Wheaton College, home of the Billy Graham library. Viggo’s insights included reminding us often that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was a person to person message. The words of Viggo have been written through his life. You may or may not have known him or read his books. He was the most notable theorist and petitioner for cassette tape distribution.

Viggo traveled from his home in Denmark all over the world. He established mission stations in Thailand. He spread the Word through this wonderful new technology birthed in the 60’s. Like a bee pollinating thousands of plants, he planted the idea of using this new media for the gospel.

You may not have heard of Viggo, his earthly days are now finished, and all the saints will shout for joy when they hear his name resound with a heavenly chorus of “well done good and faithful servant.”

Viggo, you have given us the greatest treasure anyone can pass along to a friend. You shared your heart and knowledge freely with us. To Viggo’s family, thank you for sharing him with us. He could travel the world because of your steadfast support. We know the meaning of incarnate communication Shalom and the deep love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

These words have real meaning because of the life lived by Viggo. His influence was so vast we think of him often and always with a smile. Perhaps small in stature but he loomed huge in our eyes.
Thank you Viggo for getting me across the finish line at Fuller Seminary as my mentor for my PHD. It was a personal honor and without your kind, affirming, patient hand it could never have been done.

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