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Anna Golden – Way Too Saved Way Too Young

Anna Golden – Way Too Saved Way Too Young

Anna Golden
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Anna Golden remembering her childhood church experiences and laughing at her “way too saved, way too young” self is pretty much the best thing ever. This Worship Sound Bite made us laugh, Anna! You also made us remember how growing up in a loving church can create some of the best memories. THANK YOU! 

Comment below with YOUR funny childhood church memories and maybe we’ll get you on camera, next!

Anna Golden on our Podcast


I was like way too saved, way too young.I remember when I was like 14, I taught a Bible study on the Book of Revelations, to like a group of adults and I was like, my greatest joy. I would like sit there and I remember like in Revelation when it mentions like different stones or like different kinds of like metals or things, I would like look them up and like I’d have pictures in little class like me with all these adults. I was like 14 being like, guys, this is what we’re, this is what we’re going to experience in heaven, me and my little iPad. Yeah. So that was- I had a travel communion set as a child. Yeah, I would take communion by myself all the time. Oh, Perry Stone had this little tabernacle set. I used that as like a dollhouse of seven different coverings. I’d have, like the priest, the high priest, Ark of the Covenant had all the things in there, like a little tablets, little Ten Commandments. I like I have a collection of anointing oils. When I was a kid, I mean, I was, I was definitely a weird kid. Just, it was like too much. Like, I can’t imagine like being my parents. They’re like, all right… Like it’s like you get- go outside and play in the grass. I’m like, mixing anointing oils. I was praying over them being like, Lord, what do you want me to name this oil? There’s this lady at the church. I only wanted to spend my weekends with her. She would dye flags for the church like scarves and stuff, and we would, like, dye them together and pray over them. And yeah. So, now I have a lot of interesting stories from a church I grew up in, but I will say that it was just a bunch of beautiful people who really loved the Lord and they just wanted to express it in any way that they could.

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