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Multicultural Team Building: Considerations, Not Quotas

Multicultural Team Building: Considerations, Not Quotas

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By Nikki Lerner

It’s almost 2020. Wow. And more faith leaders and Jesus-people than ever are beginning to have conversations about how a multicultural worshiping community could look. It is a beautiful thing rising from the ashes of the not so beautiful happenings in our country and around the world. There is something about the division along cultural lines that we experience so often that makes the heart of a believer feel as if something should be done. Someone needs to respond. 

These cultural divisions are pricking the hearts of many believers. At the same time, genuine fears are rising alongside. I call them weeds—like those that grew along the path in Jesus’ parable in the book of Matthew. These weeds prompt many to ask questions like, “What if our church moves toward this change and people leave? What if they take their offering money with them? Is it worth the risk?” I have my answer, but God leaves it up to us to decide. 

Before doing so, I want you to know that you have permission to take back your vision and mission, which you may have given away at some point. Outside influences, the Christian music industry, the church down the street, or the people who give generously every week can all command your attention to the point of paralysis. If your church is to expand its multicultural efficacy, you must lean in purposely. You are responsible to Him to help your community of faith become all that Christ intended. KEEP READING

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