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Meredith Andrews “Heaven’s Frequency” Live Worship Album Review

Meredith Andrews “Heaven’s Frequency” Live Worship Album Review

Amanda Whittington

It is easy to become cynical and tired of typical worship music, with its repetitive churchy language and formulaic progressions. But your heart and hope will be renewed when you hear the angelic strains of Heaven’s Frequency, Meredith Andrews’s new live worship recording.

Meredith Andrews (AKA Meredith Frances Sooter) is a worship leader, songwriter, and Christian music artist. She has a heart for leading the church in changing our culture, a passion for worship, and a voice that brings life to our worship in her latest album, Heavens Frequency. Heaven’s Frequency was recorded live at Hope UC.


Heaven’s Frequency reverberates, even sparkles, in this live recording, as if you can sense God’s presence through every strain. As a singer, Meredith’s lyrical voice stands out. As a worship leader, she is adeptly skilled and gifted at revealing the presence of God in song and pointing to His glory, His love, and His protection.

This album is unified in its musicality, instrumentation, and simple prettiness. Gentle percussion blends into the sweet harmony of the charming piano, the enchanting strings, the delicate strum of the acoustic guitar, and the choir’s voicings.

The album ebbs and flows with a natural progression, but even its crescendos and fortes don’t detract from the overall sweet beauty of the album or the focus on Jesus.



Individually, these songs might be a bit long for a typical church service. But not to worry—Heaven’s Frequency’s songs have just enough repetition and cohesiveness to make them easy for a congregation to grasp without being boring or overdone.

Instrumentation can be as simple or complex as your church can handle. These songs are written to be accessible with just a piano or guitar or a full band if you have it.

It’s notable here that we can use these songs in a variety of ways, praising God for what He has done, having an expectant faith for what He will do, or simply worshiping Him as He is.


 It is hard to pick just a few notable tracks on this album when they all present such images of God for us to enter into.

Heaven’s Frequency. I love the tie-in between Psalm 139 and 2 Samuel 6. We can never be far from God’s presence and Goodness, and in response, we worship as David did, completely unashamed and undistracted from God’s love and presence.

Yeshua. Yeshua is the perfect marriage of words and music, creating an almost palpable image of Jesus on the throne in the Book of Revelation, from the elders bowing down in worship to a picture of the crystal sea.

One Word. This song is the reminder we need of the power in the name of Jesus, relevant today just as it was in the Bible and will be forever.

Safe Place. No matter what chaos or storms we face, we are always, always safe in God’s presence. He is our refuge, our safe place, a perfect father to run to. But my favorite line in this song is, “You have given me your name,” a reminder that we are forever God’s family.


Every song is built upon a foundation of Scripture and written through the lens of a life leaning into God through worship. Some of the most notable themes sprinkled throughout are God’s unfailing love for His children and a much-needed picture of God as our refuge is portrayed throughout the album.

Don’t miss the celebration of what God has already done and used as a promise for what He will do in us and for us.


Musically, Heaven’s Frequency is pretty, cohesive, and has a natural progression and ebb and flow, just like a worship service should. But rather than being a formulaic expression of Bible verses, Meredith leads the way for us to still our busy minds and turn our focus towards what God has already done, who He is, and what He will do.

Meredith’s beautiful voice and top-notch team of musicians absolutely shine in Heaven’s Frequency. But even better, she gets out of the way, drawing our attention away from herself and pointing us to God.

Heaven’s Frequency doesn’t just tick the boxes for appropriate worship; it will move your soul closer to God as you reach out for Him through this lyrical, expressive worship based on a solid Biblical foundation.

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