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Rory Noland
Rory Noland Worship With No Music

It may sound simple, but approaching a song by reading the lyrics before singing the song can dramatically change ones perspective on the meaning and therefore the delivery. This Worship Sound Bite features Rory Noland, frequent contributor to Worship Leader Magazine and author of several books including The Heart of the Artist, brings some sage advice about what a night of worship would look like without music and it includes meditation on the meaning behind the message. It’s basic, but still very relevant advice and it would be a great way to come to a worship experience without the focus being on singing.

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A night of worship without music actually excites me. And I- I would love to be able to be a part of, you know, planning something like that or leading something like that someday, because I think it would really challenge us to think of nonmusical ways to express our love, adoration and reverence for the Lord. And so there’s a lot of prayers we could- we could say there’s a lot of scripture we could use, and there’s a lot of maybe actions, you know, we could use.

But I think that would be a really fun challenge. That would bring out our creativity. And just think of the things you could do with video without music and- and just the things that we could all do, just maybe even reading the lyrics to a hymn instead of singing it. And I actually done that with, with some of the worship teams that I’ve led is like, let’s, let’s read the lyrics of this song instead of singing it.

And sure enough, you have a different you know, I’ve had some singers say, Wow, I didn’t realize this whole worship song was a prayer. Yeah. So now I’m going to sing it like I’m praying you know? And so I think it would really open up our eyes to just new ways, new ways to worship and new ways to express our love for the Lord.


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