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Until We Meet Again: Bill Hearn

Until We Meet Again: Bill Hearn

Chuck Fromm
Bill Hearn

On December 10, 2017, Bill Hearn passed on…from mortality to immortality. From death to everlasting life, from first chair in the music industry here on earth to heaven’s orchestra of saints. I can imagine Bill playing trumpet for he was a trumpeter in his optimism and shouting the News. Monitoring the horizon for the rest of us following his lead. To say that Bill was a competitor is not an exaggeration. Whatever obstacles he faced, if others were also in the room, he’d be the last person standing. He had that kind of endurance, strength, and optimism of survival. He navigated the globe doing business with the entertainment industry serving Christian authors spreading the good news of their songs. Bill had no equal in terms of influence and respect. He was the kind of person whom you would never have found on a record cover. But the fact that the album was available was due to his influence.

The last time I met with Bill was March 22, 2017, at the Perch Café in Brentwood, TN. I thought I arrived at the wrong location due to the unassuming façade. Bill arrived right on time. He was efficient but didn’t like to sit still for an undue time. This type of meeting between old friends happened once or twice a year ever since we first met at a meeting, on a boat in Vancouver, Canada, 1985. I was leading Maranatha! Music, Bill was the sales manager for his father’s record company, Sparrow.

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Here we are now, 32 years later, in a small cafe talking about life. He was building a new house and excited about life. His cancer was known, but not talked about within the industry. We meet about an hour, talked about his dad, his future. Then it was time to go. I wondered if I would ever have an opportunity to see my friend again here on earth. I gave him one of those over the shoulder hugs that men like to do. Bill then walked to the door and literally jogged out of the restaurant to his vehicle. The disease that afflicted him was not at all apparent in his manner, he always made the most of every second, sharing and giving his time.

Bill, on behalf of Maranatha! Music, Worship Leader Magazine and Worship Leader Conferences, thank you for sharing your life and your work with us all.

Until we meet again,
Chuck Fromm

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