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Michael Farren New Album: Fighting For Us

Michael Farren New Album: Fighting For Us

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Artist: MICHAEL FARREN | Album: FIGHTING FOR US | Learn More: 

Michael Farren is both a Dove Award winning songwriter that has written songs such as “Trust In You” (Lauren Daigle), “Every Time I Breathe” (Big Daddy Weave), “Let It Rain” (Michael W. Smith) and “Sing It Now” (Reba McEntire) just to name a few. However, this does not begin to scratch the surface of the breadth and depth of this multi-talented artist and project. “Fighting for Us” is the title track of the album that is multi-dimensional on a number of fronts but the real strength comes from tight production and the diversity of tunes that engage and challenge our listening palette to take in the whole song and not just the sum of their parts. “I belong to Jesus” the opening track with driving drums and shimmering banjo uses unique percussive nuances to bring the song to life. “Prisoners” is a gospel flavoring that is authentic and a bridge between praise and worship.

There is a lot to like about Fighting for Us. The lyrics are profound with the right touch of passion and blend of instrumentation that are world class and allow the listener to ebb and flow with the heartbeat of the album. “Goodness and Mercy” plays with vocal syncopations and keeps the narrative original and yet familiar in interesting ways that allow Farren’s voice to stay front and center, which is refreshing. “Where is God” is a piano and string symphonic wonder that is vulnerable and timeless. The acoustic guitar on “As it is in Heaven” is the perfect compliment to the haunting rhythm and more traditional arrangement that transitions from ballad to anthem in a thunderous blink of an eye. “Loved and Known” the reprise to “I belong to Jesus” closes out this album in an old-time gospel way that leaves you wanting more. This five-star project is a songwriting clinic that is faithful in its promise and a reminder that authentic worship is alive and well and Michael Farren is in the forefront as both a singer and songwriter.

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