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Michael Tait’s ‘I Believe In Christmas’ EP Review and Opry Debut Extravaganza!

Michael Tait’s ‘I Believe In Christmas’ EP Review and Opry Debut Extravaganza!

Joshua Swanson
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Holiday Harmony Unleashed

Well, strap on your jingle bells and get ready for a Christmas miracle, because Michael Tait, the maestro of Christian music, has gifted us with a six-song holiday extravaganza titled I Believe In Christmas. Move over, sugar plums, because Tait is bringing festive cheer to town, and he’s doing it with the gusto of a kid tearing into presents on Christmas morning.

The EP sprinkles some festive fairy dust on our holiday playlists.

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Hailing from the heart of Washington D.C., where the Tait Family Christmas Soundtrack featured the timeless crooner Nat King Cole, Michael Tait draws on his musical roots to craft a collection of holiday classics. The album is a merry medley, boasting three brand-new tracks alongside three gems that made their debut last holiday season. It’s a Christmas feast for the ears, promising to be the perfect backdrop to your family gatherings and festive shenanigans.

Grand Ole Opry Debut

In the spirit of the season, Tait is set to make a splash at Nashville’s iconic Grand Ole Opry on December 15th. This isn’t just any debut—it’s a musical pilgrimage for the man who journeyed from DC Talk to the Newsboys. Picture Tait, center stage, belting out Christmas carols and making Opry history. It’s a moment that’s bound to go down in the annals of holiday lore.

Touring with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant

But the merriment doesn’t end there. Tait has hitched a ride on the sleigh of none other than Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant for the “Christmas Live in Concert” tour. It’s not just a concert; it’s a festive caravan, crisscrossing the nation and leaving a trail of holiday cheer in its wake. The tour kicked off in Atlanta, and its grand crescendo is scheduled for December 23rd at The Fisher Center in Nashville.

From mistletoe moments to heartwarming melodies, the trio is delivering the gift of live Christmas music, spreading joy like Santa on a global sleigh ride. With stops at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall in New York City on December 5th, it’s safe to say this isn’t your average Christmas concert—it’s a winter wonderland spectacle.

In the realm of Christian music, Michael Tait is a luminary. With Grammy Awards and Dove Awards in his arsenal, he’s been the guiding star through musical landscapes, from the days of DC Talk to the Newsboys era. I Believe In Christmas is not just an EP; it’s a testament to Tait’s ability to infuse the holiday season with musical magic.

So, as the snowflakes fall and the stockings are hung, let Michael Tait be the maestro of your Christmas soundtrack. I Believe In Christmas is more than an album; it’s a festive journey through the snowy peaks of holiday harmonies, led by a seasoned shepherd of spiritual melodies. Jingle on, Michael Tait, jingle on.

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