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Music Review | Altars By River Valley Worship

Music Review | Altars By River Valley Worship

Randy Cross

Altars is a live recording by the collection of worship leaders at River Valley Worship.  This church serves with campuses across the Minneapolis, Minnesota area as well as in Swaziland, Africa with an emphasis on multicultural worship experience reflected in their services as well as on their albums.

Altars begins with a flurry of praise and then settles into a worship rhythm that befits the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  There is a humbleness to each song as they lead the audience in praise.  Featuring a consortia of voices at the lead makes fills this worship offering with the variety needed to keep the momentum of exultation flowing.

Each of the 13 tracks of Altars beautifully depicts the heart’s desire of giving adoration to Jesus all the while using the mosaic of sounds to perpetuate the deepening dependence on His mercy to free us.

More: The variety of lead singers in this worship group  provides the listener to a tapestry of evocative melodies by which they are led to worship Jesus on a level perhaps they had never considered.

Less:  The album slows after its initial fast tempo which causes its pace to drag somewhat as the project goes through its entirety.

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