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Music Review | “At Easter” By Hillsong Worship

Music Review | “At Easter” By Hillsong Worship


Few groups are as skilled, practiced and gifted at creating powerful worship moments for the Church as Hillsong Worship, so it feels extremely fitting that their latest project is one that centers solely on one of the biggest days in the life of the Church: Easter.

At Easter, a five-song EP that features revamped Hillsong classic “Calvary-centered songs,” intentionally moves listeners along a journey of pilgrimage to passion to profession and ending in praise, all in a twenty-minute span of reverence and resurrection anthems.

The first song of this musical journey, “How Can You Refuse Him Now,” feels especially vulnerable with its quiet piano backdrop underneath a captivatingly raw vocal that shines a direct focus on the track’s lyrical storyline.

The Pilgrimage portion of the project is followed by Passion with “Man of Sorrows.” “Oh the rugged cross, my salvation / where Your love poured out over me / now my soul cries out hallelujah / praise and honor unto Thee,” the chorus proclaims. 

Profession comes next, in the form of a thoughtful reading of Isaiah 53:1-6 (ESV) that flows into a stunning mash-up of “Angus Dei” and “King of Kings,” featuring Passion Music, Chidima and Jenn Johnson. These two anthems fit like the perfect pairing, especially around Easter, and the powerhouse team of vocalists on this recording makes for a truly standout moment.

The project closes with another rendition of “King of Kings,” this one more stripped-back and acoustic, landing the whole EP on a note of Praise.

Hillsong Worship has crafted the perfect Easter soundtrack with the At Easter EP. Moving along the journey from Pilgrimage to Praise, the songs don’t just exist on this album, but rather they are intentionally placed to tell the story of Resurrection. While the musical aspect of this project is beautiful on its own, there’s also a near-cinematic element that plays in your mind as the story unfolds through lyrics that makes the whole project that much more impactful. 

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