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Music Review | “Been So Good” By BJ Putnam

Music Review | “Been So Good” By BJ Putnam

Randy Cross

Are you looking for the next song to introduce to your congregation? Do you have two or more people who attend your church? Do either of you have an ear for music? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you must engage with the newest song from Bethany Music’s BJ Putnam, “Been So Good.”

Putnam is a producer, songwriter, and worship leader at the Baton Rogue campus of Bethany Church. This is his first single under the Bethany Music banner and it is absolutely wonderful.

Reminding the worshipper of the all-encompassing goodness of God, this engaging and easy to sing anthem is beautiful in its simplicity. Released in March of this year, Putnam says on his website, “This song came about as I thought about the them of ‘remembrance’ that is so prevalent in the Bible.”  The song reflects the ancient Israelites encouraging their children to remember all that God did for the them and Jesus’ reminding His disciples to always remember Him and the things He did.

One listen and you’re hooked to this incredible song of rememberance!

More: All publishing companies should pick this song up and arrange it for every size church so we can sing it. Absolutely wonderful.

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