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Music Review | Behold Him By Paul Baloche

Music Review | Behold Him By Paul Baloche

Jason Whitehorn

Behold Him | Paul Baloche

Beloved worship artist and songwriter Paul Baloche creates an inspiring offering of praise to God with Behold Him and it’s packed with collaborations.  Paul is no stranger to creating albums of worship and adoration of God.  In fact, in 25 years of making music for God Behold Him becomes his 22nd album.  The album features collaborations with prominent worship leaders and artists Kim Walker-Smith, Leslie Jordan, Chris Brown, and Kari Jobe and runs ten complete tracks of praise inspired by an amazing God.

Today’s worship music seems to wrestle with the notion of being about us and very inward focused.  Behold Him is fully devoted to…well…Him.  The first two tracks establish the character God and set up the scene for the title track, “Behold Him” with Kim Walker-Smith.  This is a picture-perfect song for Easter.  Paul’s use of imagery causes the worshiper to place themselves there before the King of Kings.  “I Am Thankful” is the simplest of heartfelt love songs for God that could be written.  It is an instant add for congregations of any style or type with no complex arrangement needed.  Three additional tracks feature guest artists/worship leaders on the album.  “I Am Thankful” features Leslie Jordan, “Heaven Is Where You Are” features Chris Brown, while “Marvelous Things” features Kari Jobe. 

While every song struck an amazing chord of awe and inspiration – it was the final song, “A Million Years” that nearly caused this review to go unwritten.  Its words were so powerful…its point so beautiful.  The magnitude and reality that each thing that we are doing in worship today…even 22 albums in 25 years…in a million years God will still be being BEHELD and worshiped.  He will ensure, long after a magazine as prominent as Worship Leader will have been forgotten.  God and his might and power…HE will still be and will be forever.  Thank you, Paul, for such a powerful reminder.  I have a hunch that churches will be singing “A Million Years” for quite a few years.

More:  Paul is an equipper for worshipers in many ways.  Paul founded to serve, equip, and train local church worship teams across the globe. He teaches modern worship Master Classes nationally and has created a variety of online instructional videos and free resources designed specifically to help worship leaders and musicians.

Less: …that I had to press “pause” on listening to “A Million Years” in order to focus on writing this review.

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