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Music Review | “Breakthrough Miracle Power / You Are The Lord” By Passion

Music Review | “Breakthrough Miracle Power / You Are The Lord” By Passion

Randy Cross

The newest Passion single, led by Kristian Stanfill, “Breakthrough Miracle Power” speaks to the desperation that many have felt after the past season of isolation and restrictions.  This helplessness is abated by the power of God working in the lives of His people.  “As long as You’re in it, the story’s not finished,” proclaims the song as it begs the God of all creation to bring the mountain-moving power of His love, mercy and grace to the lives of this world. 

Released as a duel single along with one other song, these tracks resonate with the power of the annual conference, which was moved fully online this year due to COVID-19.

The second single, “You Are The Lord,” announces a bold and declarative statement on the sovereignty of God.

Chord by chord, verse by verse, this anthem will soon be on the service orders of churches around the world.  Featuring Passion alum Brett Younker and newcomer Naomi Raine, this song should be used in heavy rotation at your gatherings, no matter the size of your congregation

“Holy, Holy is Your name,” pronounces the bridge after inundating you with God’s attributes and reminders of His blessings.

More: Songs like this that are easily translated to a weekend gathering by a gathering of any size.

Less: Nothing!

Learn more about Passion here.

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