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Music Review | “Change” By Bright City

Music Review | “Change” By Bright City

Randy Cross

Bright City, the worship collective from St. Peters Church in Brighton, United Kingdom, returns with their 4th full album release, Change

The briskly paced, opening track,  “Broken Hallelujah,” sets the stage for this live worship service as the band leads listeners on a journey through the reality of our state of sinfulness into the “Change” that can occur through Christ’s redemption.  The intensity of that “Change” is brought to new heights as “Not Going Back” becomes the declaration.  

Displaying the range of emotions that most believers feel on their walk with Jesus, Bright City balances the upbeat with the ballad and reminds us that we have a reason to “Sing Hallelujah” as the impact of being “Forever Yours” settles in our soul.

More:  Great introductory album if you are discovering Bright City.  The title track “Change” and ballad “Christ in Me” could be well arranged for most congregations.  

Less:  While it is a good live recording, it trends toward too many slow songs in the middle, introspective, portion of the album.

Learn more about Bright City here.

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