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Music Review | “Christ Be Magnified” Single By Cody Carnes

Music Review | “Christ Be Magnified” Single By Cody Carnes

Randy Cross

Artist: Cody Carnes

Title: “Christ Be Magnified” – single


Rating: 5 stars

More:  Another great song for the church.  Easily singable by most congregations regardless of demographic.  “Christ Be Magnified” will be showing up in new song rotations all over the world very soon.  

Less:  Absolutely nothing.  Great song that needs to get a complete orchestral arrangement and find its way to the church quickly.

“We find our native cry and inmost melody when worship to Jesus is expressed out of us.” says, Cody Carnes writer and singer of the new worship song, “Christ Be Magnified”.   Debuting this song at the 2020 Passion conference is one way to put that “native cry” on display as 65,000 twentysomethings found their “inmost melody” and magnified the name of Jesus together.  

Following closely on 2019 successes like “Nothing Else”, “Heaven Fall” and “Run to the Father”, Cody Carnes blasts into 2020 with his new single,  capturing the flavor of what it means to be a worshiper in the new decade. With raw, emotive lyrics harkening back to “Ain’t No Rock”, Carnes boldly declares with this generation the real desire for an authentic daily encounter with Christ.  

Worship with Carnes and his wife Kari Jobe as they tour together this spring where “Christ Be Magnified” will certainly be a part of the worship set.

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