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Music Review | “Church Volume 2 (Live)” By Jesus Culture

Music Review | “Church Volume 2 (Live)” By Jesus Culture

Randy Cross

Coming off the heels of their April 24th release Church Volume 1 (Live), Grammy-nominated group Jesus Culture releases their second set of songs by the church and for the church, aptly titled Church Volume 2 (Live). 

Featuring worship leaders Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Kim Walker-Smith, Chris McClarney, Chris Quilala, Mack Brock, Derek Johnson, and Jake Ithurburn, Church Volume 2 (Live) continues back down the road where Jesus Culture began, as a worship consortia leading with songs from their hearts.  

Our boldness in living out the “Good News” launches the package with the celebratory “Fearless.”  From there the album infuses the inspiration and encouragement for us to live the lives the “One Name” has called us to live in the reality of a fallen world.  The album flourishes to the finish with the hope of being transformed with “Freedom is Coming.”

More:  Jesus Culture continues to lead believers of our generation with songs of hope, boldness and inspiration. With the complete Church collection, they have delivered songs that can be utilized in a variety of settings.  Also, this is a live album that doesn’t have a “live” feel to it. Good job engineers!

Less:  Church Volume 2 (Live) is a great album.  I can’t imagine anything that would make it better.  

Learn more about Jesus Culture here.

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