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Music Review | “Clear The Stage” Single By Ross King

Music Review | “Clear The Stage” Single By Ross King

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Eight years after CCM singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham debuted his refreshingly authentic single “Clear the Stage,” the pen behind those strikingly honest lyrics, Ross King, is releasing his own version of the song. Opening with the suggestion to “clear the stage and set the sound and lights ablaze if that’s the measure you must take to crush the idols,” this song is rather disruptive in nature—and exactly the kind of message the Church needs to pay attention to. King doesn’t stray too far from Needham’s original recording stylistically, but certainly leaves his own fingerprints on the song with the addition of a hauntingly beautiful string section and his vulnerable vocal that carries such a lyric with the appropriate balance of conviction and reverence.

Nearly prophetic in a season where the Church has literally had to live out some of the ideas in this song, the renewed track couldn’t have come at a better time and is sure to challenge all who hear it.

More: Regardless of who is singing it, this song will always stop you in your tracks and make you reevaluate your faith, but Ross’ new recording is especially poignant given the current world circumstances.

Less: While “Clear the Stage” is not necessarily a congregational worship song, the message redirects us to the very heart of worship and would do well to be added into our Sunday services wherever possible as a time of reflection.

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