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Music Review | “Come Move In Us” By Skye Reedy

Music Review | “Come Move In Us” By Skye Reedy

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With an impressive list of credits to her name over the course of her career, one thing is sure when looking at the projects Skye Reedy has lent her voice to: her heart belongs to the church. An artist, writer and Grammy-winning vocalist, Skye has toured the world with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Mandisa, Amy Grant and many more, in addition to her consistent work in the local church as a worship leader.

After being a featured artist on various projects for other artists, Skye launched her own artistry/worship ministry a few years back, releasing several singles. The latest of those singles, “Come Move In Us,” is the lead track off her upcoming EP.

A song that cries for revival in a time it feels more needed than ever before, “Come Move In Us” begins with lyrics of authentic surrender: “Lord, You have all of our attention / we are still / we just want to listen.

Carried by Skye’s powerful yet reverent vocal, “Come Move In Us” is a beautiful prayer for the church to adopt as their own in this particular season of unrest and longing. An anthem that congregations are sure to latch onto, the chorus boldly asks: “Release revival in our land / a healing only from Your hand / come move in us.

“Come Move In Us” is a timely offering from Reedy, leaving listeners expectant for what’s to come from the rest of her EP.

Learn more about Skye Reedy here.

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