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Music Review | “Daughter Zion’s Woe” By Cardiphonia & The Liturgy Fellowship

Music Review | “Daughter Zion’s Woe” By Cardiphonia & The Liturgy Fellowship

Randy Cross

Never has there been a more appropriate moment to employ the spiritual practice of lament than 2020. Cardiphonia Music presents the perfect album to amplify the lament in Daughter Zion’s Woe, a collection of wonderful female artists who have developed beautiful songs from the female perspective to express the emotions felt by those who are tired of masks, quarantine, and social distancing.

Written in and recorded in home studios, the name of the album came as a derivative of Lamentations 4, but takes its inspiration from lament found throughout the Bible.

Daughter Zion’s Woe was produced by volunteer engineers and artists utilizing dropbox and other communicative means to produce beauty through crisis. When one thinks of lamentation, the idea of monks in an abbey reciting Gregorian chant may come to mind. This release however, places the lament in its proper perspective, as the language of pain through challenging times is presented as a means by which God can receive glory and hearkens back to the days of the Jesus Movement.

Opening with the bouyant sounds of “Urban Doxology,” the listener is immediately transported down a musical pathway of sounds that do not portend sorrow, all while being immersed in lyrics that echo sadness.

More: Good musical diversity with poignant lyrical content, this is a good album to express the times in which we live.
Less: Only available via streaming or digital download.

Learn more about Cardiphonia & The Liturgy Fellowship here.

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