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Music Review | “Evidence” By Josh Baldwin

Music Review | “Evidence” By Josh Baldwin

Randy Cross

The instantly infectious, full-length album Evidence by Bethel Music’s Josh Baldwin hits the airwaves this month with down-home country flavor one might expect from this North Carolina native.  The engagingly fun first track, “Into the Wild” immediately interacts with your vocal chords causing a spontaneous sing-along worship service to erupt.  It just keeps getting better from there as each track takes the opportunity to celebrate the discovery of who we are in Christ. 

Evidence may seem familiar as it features “My King Forever,” a previously released track from Baldwin’s solo EP, Live at Church and “My Hands Are Open” from Bethel Music’s newest release, Revival’s In the Air.  This familiarity is enhanced by wide-open, anthemic worship songs reminding the listener of Baldwin’s association with Bethel since 2016. 

More: Infused with but not overpowered by harmonica, banjo, and acoustic guitar, there is much Evidence for this album to become a steady rotation in your own personal worship through music experience.

Less: This is a great record! Fans of Bethel Music’s variety of leadership will like this album, yet find themselves wanting the variety of worship voices that Bethel supplies.

Learn more about Josh Baldwin here.

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