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Music Review | “Faithful God” By I Am They

Music Review | “Faithful God” By I Am They

Randy Cross

Have you been listening for a Christian Pop album filled with variety of styles and God-honoring lyrics?  Well your wait is over as the Nevada-based, I Am They release their third studio album Faithful God. 

After experiencing some personnel changes, I Am They seems to have found the perfect combination for this record as it is sure to be one you will want to listen to again and again.

The record launches with the band shouting, “I’ve been delivered!” and with each successive track, you find a mouth dropping change in genre that the band pulls off exquisitely.  Not to be outdone, the anthemic title track “Faithful God” gives perspective to those who are searching for answers to the travails that the world has  seen in recent times.  We make another change with the bluesy “Found My Freedom” and you begin to wonder if this is a compilation album of various artists. 

More: Faithful God, musically, has something for everyone.

Less: Nothing!

Learn more about I Am They here.

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