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Music Review | “First Love” By Kari Jobe

Music Review | “First Love” By Kari Jobe

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Easily one of the most prolific songwriters and worship leaders of our generation, churches take note when Kari Jobe releases new music into the world. Most recently, that was an EP titled First Love, which features the single “First Love” in addition to two other spontaneous cuts, “Embers” and “Obsession.”

A live performance video of all three songs appears on YouTube, in which Jobe is joined by husband/co-artist Cody Carnes and a host of band members as she pours her heart out in worship for twenty minutes.

I feel my heart beating out of my chest / I wanna stay forever like this / may the flame of my heart always be lit / I wanna burn forever like this,” the bridge of “First Love” passionately prays.

The trio of songs, like all of Kari’s discography, feels refreshingly authentic and bold. Led by her signature powerhouse vocal, Kari offers another anthem for the church to sing with the First Love EP.

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