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Music Review | “Greatest Lord” By Sinach

Music Review | “Greatest Lord” By Sinach

Randy Cross

When you read the artist’s name on the release Greatest Lord, you may be overcome with a sense of familiarity, but not instant recognition. Then when you hear that she has a song that has been translated into more than 50 languages, won a 2020 Dove Award and is called “Way Maker,” the light bulb goes off.

While Sinach has a 30-year career making music around the world, she is not as well known in the United States. That should stop with her newest release Greatest Lord. Sinach partners with worship leaders Nathaniel Bassey (“Beautiful”), Miranda Curtis (“We Prevail”), Leeland (“I Exalt You”), Darlene Zschech (“King of Glory”), Panam Percy Paul (“Your Name is Jesu”), Micah Stampley (“With My Hands”), Da’Dra Greathouse (“I Live for You”), and Jekalyn Carr (“There’s an Overflow”) to present a worship experience with the Holy Spirit that will excite, ignite and unite. These collaborations amplify Sinach’s talent and combine with her solo outings to bring about a sweet aroma that is pleasing to the Greatest Lord

Greatest Lord beautifully demonstrates Sinach vocal skills reminiscent of the great R&B singers from Staxx and Motown. If you like Patti LaBelle and Aretha, you’re going to love SINACH. While Greatest Lord does have a flavor, Sinach doesn’t get locked into a style and allows her abilities to translate across the spectrum of genre, making this not a stereotypical Gospel album, but a renaissance of worship that is not shackled by a stylistic label.

More: Incredible gospel-flavored worship record that should be listened to often. 

Less: Sinach set quite the standard with “Way Maker” and while these songs are a great collective, there doesn’t seem to be a song of that caliber that translates well to the church setting in the group.   

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