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Music Review | “Here” by Tim Timmons

Music Review | “Here” by Tim Timmons

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Few people understand the power of writing prayers for the church to sing quite like Tim Timmons. With a backstory that sing the faithfulness and goodness of God, Tim has become known as a songwriter, worship leader and artist who loves inviting people along with him on the journey of lifting a song that declares the truth of who God is in every season. 

The latest chapter of those songs/prayers arrives in the form of Timmons’ newest project, the eight-track record Here. Drawn from the concept of what it looks like to walk with Jesus in the 10,000 minutes during the week and not just the 80 minutes we spend in a church every Sunday, Here is a collection of songs that each capture a specific practice that teaches listeners to engage their faith in real and life-changing ways.

Energetic “This Is The Day” opens the record with lyrical content straight out of Scripture, making the perfect track for a service opener. The lead single from the album, powerhouse vocalist Tammi Haddon lends her talent to “You Never Let Go,” a song that offers comfort in the form of Scriptural promises: “If the flower knows Your love and the sparrow has enough / then I know that I still have a song to sing / the same God who parts the sea is the God who’s here with me / I know You won’t let go / You never let go,” the chorus proclaims.

Title track “Here” serves as recognition of the fullness we find in the presence of God,  followed by “No Other Gods” that again pulls from Scripture to declare affection and dedication to our God alone. 

Returning back up-tempo, “Roar” offers praise in the place of fear and “Already Loved” sings of our identity in Christ regardless of circumstances: “I’m already loved no matter what / I cannot break it, earn it or shake it / what’s done is done.” 

Closing out the album, “Never Runs Out” is a powerful anthem for congregations to proclaim the endless love of God, while “Fighting For Me” feels more personal and autobiographical in its declaration: “Yes, this will be my story / my God is fighting for me.” 

Each track on Here feels carefully crafted as a prayer for the church to join in singing. From songs of praise and identity to anthems that declare God’s sovereignty and faithfulness, these eight tracks fit both personal and congregation worship settings as Timmons continues to be a thoughtful and intentional songwriter for the church. 

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