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Music Review | “Hold My Heart” By Debora Sita

Music Review | “Hold My Heart” By Debora Sita

Randy Cross

Hold My Heart is the posthumous release by Debora Sita. An album recorded on her cell phone and then completed by the team of Swiss worship band ICF Worship, Hold My Heart is a poignant album that was written about Sita’s struggles with the cancer that took her life at 35.  

Hold My Heart is a demonstrative release for those who are struggling.   Listeners are instantly drawn in with Sita’s faith-filled acknowledgement of a great hope for the future.

Listeners should actually begin their listening of Hold My Heart with the  seventh track, “The Backstory of this Album,” by Philipp Sita.  It will immediately put the record into the perspective it needs.  

This album is a heroic, inspirational testimony of Debora Sita’s odyssey with God as she faced her physical battles, knowing that her spiritual battle was already won.   

Learn more about Debora Sita here.

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