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Music Review | “House of Miracles – Live” By Brandon Lake

Music Review | “House of Miracles – Live” By Brandon Lake

Randy Cross

From “Graves Into Gardens” singer/songwriter Brandon Lakes now comes his second solo effort, House of Miracles. The studio effort features guest artists Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Sarah Reeves. Launching with the declarative of the need for God’s infusion in our lives through the Holy Ghost’s power and presence and seemingly building to the “Graves Into Gardens” apex, the album runs the gambit of a worship experience in
varying environments. From “House of Miracles” to the simple and prayerful private devotional moment “Just Like Heaven,” each track is a testimony to how our current situations all surrender to the power of God.

This dynamic recent release from the Bethel Music worship leader has a live companion piece featuring worship artists Dante Bowe, Matt Maher, Silverberg, Leeland and Sarah Reeves. This powerhouse of worship launches with the declarative title track as an anthem for the church to proclaim to a pandemic-weary world, that there is hope, love and miracles in the gathering of believers. While there is no live version of “Graves Into Gardens” on this offering, it does include the Leeland infused “Show Me
Your Glory,” a captured spontaneous moment in “When The Glory’s In The Room” and “Living Sacrifices.”

More: Both albums highlight Lake’s energy and spirit as he leads the listener through a myriad of worship experiences.
Less: The live offering doesn’t include five of the songs from the studio project, including Lake’s biggest song to date, “Graves Into Gardens.”

Learn more about Brandon Lake here.

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