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Music Review | “Hymn of Heaven” By Phil Wickham

Music Review | “Hymn of Heaven” By Phil Wickham

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Few voices in worship pull you in quite like Phil Wickham’s. With a unique sound that captivates the listener and makes every word hit home just a bit deeper, Phil has long been one of the most influential worship leaders equipping the Church with songs to sing. 

Phil’s new project, beautifully titled Hymn of Heaven, is just that: a collection of songs that pull us closer into the presence of God and the promise of eternity.

Lead singles “Battle Belongs” and “House of the Lord” are highlights on the record, energetic declarations that make great congregational additions for Sunday morning. More uptempo home-runs, “Reason I Sing” and “Look To Jesus” house singable hooks made for the Church to raise in unison.

As Wickham does so well, much of the album falls in the category of powerful anthems crafted for the Church to lift together in worship. “It’s Always Been You,” “His Name Is Jesus,” “Falling In Love,” “Where I’m Standing Now” (with Brandon Lake) and “1,000 Names” all offer the unbeatable combination of Wickham’s vulnerable vocal carrying lyric after lyric of Scriptural truth wrapped in brilliant melodies.

From top to bottom, Hymn of Heaven is one of the most lyrically encouraging, profound and impactful worship records I’ve ever heard. Aiding Wickham’s stunning vocal, the content of this album is carefully crafted to offer churches a dozen new declarations for their people that lift their eyes to Jesus and pour hope into their hearts.

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