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Music Review | “I Shall Not Want” (Psalm 23)

Music Review | “I Shall Not Want” (Psalm 23)

Randy Cross

“I Shall Not Want” (Psalm 23) | Paul Zach and W. David O. Taylor

During times of seeming upheaval, Christians usually rise to the creative occasion.  The times in which we live are no different and to prove it comes a beautiful rendition of Psalm 23 called “I Shall Not Want”.

It is a beautifully put together proclamation of praise and prayer by the collaborative efforts of Worship Leaders Paul Zach (Redeemer Anglican, Richmond, Virginia) and Wes Crawford (Christ Church, Austin, Texas)

A demonstrative expression of what many of us our feeling during our present times and an uplifting reminder that we have no reason to want, fear, or be in need as our Great Shepherd has all things under control.

More: An easily singable song with a familiar theme.  Anytime you can reimagine Psalm 23 it will be a blessing to someone.

Less: Shot and produced on an iPhone.  The advantage of the immediate, without the production quality of the patient.

Available currently only on  You could also get resources by contacting the respective creatives that are involved in this song that would be perfect for a first gathering after our separations.

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