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Music Review | “Live From Decatur City” By North Point Worship

Music Review | “Live From Decatur City” By North Point Worship

Randy Cross

Recorded at the Decatur City campus, one of North Point’s seven Atlanta-based churches, Live from Decaur City was a unique project for the veteran worship-leading team of North Point. 

The album was recorded during the pandemic period and though it was recorded live, it was done so without the aid of an audience, other than the One to whom the worship was given. 

Live from Decatur City features the consortia of North Point’s great worship-leading team, with each taking the lead at one point or another as the project seamlessly flows from its lead off with the beautiful “O What a Miracle,” led by Kaycee Hines, all the way to the exuberant “Abundantly More,” led by Clay Finnesand. 

North Point Worship also uses this EP to feature other worship songs:  “Promises” by Maverick City, led by Chris Cauley, Desi Raines, and Lauren Lee, followed by Heath Baltzglier and Emily Harrison leading Bethel Music’s “Goodness of God.”  Each cover is beautifully done with North Point flair.

More: The creativity of God’s people when put in challenging circumstance is on display as the North Point Worship team joins their voices to celebrate the God who is worthy of all praise.  

Less: Are there other tracks from this experience? Six just isn’t enough.

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