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Music Review | “Live in the Round” By Cathedral of Faith Worship

Music Review | “Live in the Round” By Cathedral of Faith Worship

Randy Cross


From San Jose, California’s Cathedral of Faith comes the recording of their post-Covid celebration, Live in the Round. Featuring an array of worship leaders, original songs, standard hymns, and covers of some of today’s best worship songs, this is an album to be experienced.

For those who have a predilection toward albums produced by conferences such as Passion, this is a must-have record. Similar to those recordings, listeners are immediately transported to the event and find themselves worshiping along with each track. 

The expressions of worship on the 16-track Live in the Round are as varied as the styles of music. Beginning with a shout of praise, then segueing into overt worship of the personhood of the Trinity, Live in the Round departs with a declaration of gratitude for what has been experienced and God’s mercy, grace, and faithfulness. 

More: This is that rare album where the variety of styles, songs, and moments combine to make an exquisite listening experience. For a live recording, it is well done and reminds the church of what is waiting in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Less: Once the slower selections begin, the momentum seems to wane, yet it is picked back up with the resounding “Our God is Greater,” swelling to the gratitude of “Thank You, Lord.”

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