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Singer/songwriter Jason Gray sees the seasons of his life through the lens of a cycle: order, disorder, reorder. For Jason, every situation he finds himself in fits into one of these categories and they all work together to make us more of the person God created us to be. In fact, Jason believes in this process so strongly that he dedicated an entire album to singing about it.

Released in a series of EPs over the course of the year, the third and final piece of the puzzle now brings the whole project together in one cumulative album that walks listeners through the seasons of their life by the hard-won lessons Jason has learned along his own journey.

Beginning in Order, Jason sings about how we’re always “Becoming,” how loved we are by the Creator (“Maker of Mornings”) and how important surrender is (“I’m Gonna Let It Go”), wrapped up by the title song for the entire project: “Order, Disorder, Reorder.” “Order, disorder, reorder / over and over / it wouldn’t be the way I choose / but this is how You make me new,” the chorus explains.

The Disorder portion of the record speaks to the season of breaking and how we find God in the midst of that. Refreshing “Honesty” opens us to the idea that God wants all of our heart, while “Through” reminds us of the opportunity for growth in pain and “Remind Me You’re Here” is a prayer of longing that places the importance of God’s presence above having answers to our problems.

Pulling the whole project together with this idea of Reorder, “Glory Days” explores the truth that we can find joy even in suffering, while “Every Moment Belongs” and “Bring It All” suggest that nothing is wasted in God’s redemptive plan. “Tethered” is a true highlight on the album, speaking to the love of God that holds us secure in difficulty, and “Right On Time” features Jason’s unique brand of authentic storyteller songwriting.

While the majority of the album leans more toward singer/songwriter style and less on the congregational side of things, there are certainly elements of worship involved and the whole of the album speaks to the act of worship found in surrendering our lives to God despite the season we’re in. Full of encouragement that leads us to respond in worship to the Father, Order Disorder Reorder is a power-packed record overflowing with lyrical gems and melodies that invite the listener to cling to the truth of Scripture regardless of their circumstances.

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