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Music Review | “Over It All” By Planetshakers

Music Review | “Over It All” By Planetshakers

Randy Cross

Who says that Christians can’t express a little funky freshness from time to time? Certainly not Planetshakers, the worship band from the Planetshakers Conference of Melbourne, Australia. They prove to bring the funk in a truly Christian manner with their newest release Over It All. 

Adding to the massive Planetshakers discography is the musically balanced album of fun and electronic based praise with calm and reflective stripped down worship. “247 365” opens the album immediately causing the toe to tap, the head to bob, and the hands to be raised. The rest of the body might even move as you move on to “All Things New” and “So Fresh.” Worship kicks in as we are allowed the opportunity to breathe and be in awe of who God is through the title track, “All I Can Say (Thank You),” and “Caught Up in Your Presence.” Flying down the freshness freeway is the back beat, anthemic “Champion.” Over It All finishes by reminding the listener that there will be an end to the pandemic and that the Church will have the ultimate opportunity for revival as there is a “Great Outpouring” awaiting us on the other side.

More: Incredibly balanced. Perfectly Planetshakers. Over It All releases a cavalcade of praise and worship with a little something stylistically for everyone. 

Less: Very reminiscent of some of the “dance club” Christian music of the 90’s, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just something that not every listener may enjoy. 

Learn more about Planetshakers here.

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