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Music Review | “Patient Kingdom” By Sandra McCracken

Music Review | “Patient Kingdom” By Sandra McCracken

Randy Cross

Modern hymn pioneer Sandra McCracken has just released her fifteenth collection of songs set to inspire the church with God-focused lyrics underscored with a Gospel/folk soundtrack.  Patient Kingdom belays the times with plain, easy to sing odes to the God who helps us persevere with His overwhelming love.  

Each track of Patient Kingdom belays a layer of calm and serenity as you are transported to the back hills of the heartland and guided on a lush filled journey of peace with the confidence of knowing that God is by your side and that you are never alone.

McCracken’s songwriting is on display as you are comforted by the refrain of the familiar, yet challenged by where you are in your journey with the Lord.  Her trademark vocals are on display as she wanders effortlessly through the album.  Highlighted by the tracks “Lay My Worry Down” and  “Into the Harbor,” McCracken completes the travelogue with a new take on the classic “Be Still My Soul.”

More: Great album with some songs that could easily transition to Sunday mornings.

Less: Maybe a track or two in the Rend Collective frame to provide some balance.

Learn more about Sandra McCracken here.

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