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Music Review |”Power+” By We Are Messengers

Music Review |”Power+” By We Are Messengers


Sometimes you just need that one more song to make an album go from good to great.  Such is the case with the extension to We Are Messengers sophomore project Power, simply title Power+,  a must listen for your “winding down the summer,” “getting pumped about the fall” playlist. 

This Ireland-formed, United States-residing band topped the charts with their self-title debut, it’s follow up EP Honest, and the aforementioned Power.  They now add the incredible “Image of God” to the strong track listing of messages of unity and truth on Power.  Lead vocalist Darren Mulligan states, “’Image of God’ is a song to unite us, reminding us that every single person is created wonderfully in God’s image, and as such are invaluable and fully worthy of our time, respect, love, and honor.”

Power+ is a reggae flavored, infectious album.  With each successive track, listeners are drawn in to wanting more of the beats that We Are Messengers are throwing down, while also being drawn in to an intense desire to know the driving force behind those beats.

More:  With messages of unity and grace, We Are Messengers’ Power + will certainly add to the 137 million on demand streams that have. “Image of God” is a strong reminder to our world of the treatment of those included in the human race.     

Less:  Power+ is a great album. “Image of God” is a song that the world needs to hear and hear often. However, some of the slower songs tend to show traces of sounding like each other.   

Learn more about We Are Messengers here.

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