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Music Review |”Power+” By We Are Messengers

Music Review |”Power+” By We Are Messengers

Randy Cross

The extended version of We Are Messengers’ sophomore album, Power, aptly named Power+, is a captivating addition to any playlist, perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. Originating from Ireland and now based in the United States, this band has already made a significant impact with their self-titled debut, the Honest EP, and Power. The latest addition, “Image of God,” enhances Power’s already robust collection of songs that communicate messages of unity and truth. Lead vocalist Darren Mulligan explains, “‘Image of God’ is a song aimed at bringing people together, reminding us of the divine craftsmanship in every person, deserving of our respect, love, and honor.”

Power+ stands out with its reggae influences and infectious rhythm, drawing listeners into not just the music but the profound messages behind it. Each track builds upon the last, creating a strong desire to delve deeper into the driving force behind the band’s creative expression.

Furthermore, Power+ is likely to contribute significantly to We Are Messengers’ impressive 137 million on-demand streams. “Image of God” in particular, is a powerful call to recognize and respect the dignity of all humanity.

That said, while Power+ is an exceptional album and “Image of God” a necessary anthem for our times, some of the slower tracks might have a tendency to sound similar to one another.

More:  With messages of unity and grace, We Are Messengers’ Power + will certainly add to the 137 million on demand streams that have. “Image of God” is a strong reminder to our world of the treatment of those included in the human race.     

Less:  Power+ is a great album. “Image of God” is a song that the world needs to hear and hear often. However, some of the slower songs tend to show traces of sounding like each other.   

Learn more about We Are Messengers here.

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