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Music Review | “Right On Time” By Jason Gray

Music Review | “Right On Time” By Jason Gray

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Few songwriters have ever captured my attention and captivated my heart with sincerity quite like Jason Gray. While not a quote-on-quote worship leader, there is no doubt that Jason writes songs for the church, giving a voice to seasons of difficulty with a bold God-given hope. The lead single from his upcoming EP, aptly titled “Right On Time,” is a perfect example of Jason’s honest, unfiltered writing offering words to the feelings so many have faced this year.

There’s a valley you have to get through / you can’t hurry ‘cause it won’t let you / but it’s leading us somewhere / and when we finally get there / we’re right on time,” the bridge declares.

Highlighted by the stripped-down instrumentation, the raw emotion in Jason’s voice is present in every line as he sings of the faith that keeps him going in his worst moments.

It may not be considered your typical worship track in stylistic terms, but it would do us all good to posture our hearts in a place of worshipful surrender as we are reminded of the unchanging truth in this song: God is near even in brokenness, He sees us in our suffering, and He always shows up right on time.

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