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Music Review | “Things of Heaven (Where We Come From)” By Red Rocks Worship

Music Review | “Things of Heaven (Where We Come From)” By Red Rocks Worship

Randy Cross

Following in the contemporary vein of collective worship artists is Red Rocks Worship with their newest release Things of Heaven (Where We Come From). The six-song package contains audio tracks as well as video tracks for each of its songs. It is planned to be the first of a two EP installment, with the second portion being released later this year. 

The addition of the videos enables the opportunity for personal/group worship with the audio and congregational or small group worship to be led by one of the premiere worship leading teams in the country. 

Regardless of the way it is consumed, these six tracks combine to make a meaningful worship experience with each listen. The desire to be in God’s presence, celebrating God’s majesty is evident with each track as Red Rocks Worship explores the characteristics of God and His mercy and grace, all the while reminding us that we are not of this world and that Heaven is our home. 

Things of Heaven was the collaborative effort of all of Red Rocks Worship’s individual leaders from its Colorado campuses joining their talents together as they led during COVID-19 services.

As its name implies, the main campus resides in Arvada, Colorado, a scant 19-minute drive from the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater where they derived their name. Every non-COVID year since its opening to the public as a performance venue, the amphitheater hosts an annual Easter sunrise service allowing for the celebration of the resurrection to be accentuated by the majesty of God’s creation and amplified by the music of God’s creation. 

More: What makes this EP so great is its perspective. We are encouraged to sing to the Holy One while remembering we will join Him for eternity in Heaven.

Less: While the video content is a phenomenal addition, a two-disc package that is full-length would have made for a nicer experience.

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