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Music Review | “We Call Your Name” By Paul Wilbur

Music Review | “We Call Your Name” By Paul Wilbur

Randy Cross

Saturated with Scripture is We Call Your Name, the newest release by worship leader/singer/songwriter Paul Wilbur. Wilbur once again partners with daughter-in-law Shae Wilbur in bringing this five-track EP of Messianic worship to the world. It is the first of two EP releases slated for 2021 that preceeds a full-length live from Jerusalem 2022 release.

These are songs written for the Bride of Christ to sing. “The Battle is Yours” is the strongest release on the package and should get a full-blown treatment by your favorite music publishing companies or download this EP as a personal worship event for your next time with Jesus. 

The beautiful title track “We Call Your Name” features recording artist and TV Host Shae Wilbur. This beautiful track calls for healing, a perfect sentiment for the times in which we live. Healing by coming into God’s presence and seeking His face is the overwhelming theme of the song, as it is presented with stripped-down acoustic instrumentation, which adds to the overall presence of the song.   

The remaining tracks have lives of their own, all the while supporting “The Battle is Here” and “We Call Your Name” as the project’s best offerings.  

You really should get this one.

More: This style of Messianic worship written and introduced into Western churches needs to be promoted more often. Beautifully written and delivered in a worship filled package, this album offers a great balance between contemplative and enthusiastic songs.

Less: A casual listen, not a worship experience, could possibly result in some of the phrases seeming repetitive. Given the right environment, those lyrics are perfect.

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