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Music Review | “Wholehearted” By We Are Messengers

Music Review | “Wholehearted” By We Are Messengers

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Even in the realm of CCM and worship music, few artists are as lyrically honest and authentic as pop/rock-oriented We Are Messengers. With songs such as “Everything Comes Alive,” “Maybe It’s Okay” and “Magnify” in their discography, the band, fronted by Irishman Darren Mulligan, has become known for their hope-filled lyrics of faith. Their third full-length studio album, Wholehearted, fortunately proves to be more of the same.

“We gave ourselves fully to the process of telling the truth again and not caring what the world thought of us. The album captures the heart of a follower of Jesus in one of the most wonderful and horrific times we have faced in modern history. We went all in, held nothing back,” Mulligan says of the new record, which was written over the last two years during the pandemic.

The title track opens the album with a declaration of God’s faithfulness to His children, always giving His mercy in abundance. Aptly following a few tracks down, “Now It’s Our Turn” is a bold response to the grace of God: “Sometimes it’s gonna hurt to love without reserve / but Jesus did it first, now it’s our turn.

Faith in times of difficulty is a running theme on this album, first heard in the lead single “Come What May.” “My hope remains / I’ll rest in the arms of Jesus, come what may,” the powerful chorus sings. Tender “Close” continues the theme with a reminder of God’s promise to work all things for our good, while sonically uptempo “Faith Sees Best In The Dark” is a spark of hope to keep believing when life is hard. 

“Holding On,” “Million Miles Away” and “Keep The Faith” are further proof that We Are Messengers’ music has one primary goal: to declare the goodness of God while encouraging the hearts of His people. Early singles “God You Are” with Josh Baldwin and “Friend of Sinners” are highlights on the record, each keeping the signature Messengers’ sound while still evolving to new levels of artistry. 

Wholehearted is We Are Messengers’ best work to date. Not only is the musicality and production next level for the band, but the songwriting is Mulligan and his crew of co-writers at the top of their game. This record is sure to encourage all who hear it. 

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